Airport services from Professional

Professional Aviation Services are specialists in all aspects of Aviation Security, Airport Compliance and Training. With a 40-year history in Aviation and specialising in providing unique solutions that solve your challenges, Professional Aviation Services is ideally placed to service and assist you in finding solutions for your various needs.

We are passionate about keeping Aviation safe and secure, for, ultimately, it is all about protecting people. From the personnel who are involved in the Aviation Industry, the people who fly as crew and passengers to the public who could be affected by an aviation incident.

We are the leading provider of AVSEC and related compliance solutions. Our services include air cargo compliance and screening services (cargo and airport) to the air freight and air carrier industry in South Africa.

We have a depth of expertise and experience in cargo security, and compliance with Part 108 of the Civil Aviation Regulations that is unmatched, Professional are pioneers of contracted compliance and Designated Official services in South Africa.

Professional Aviation Services are the Winners in the Aviation Training category of the inaugural Civil Aviation Industry Awards presented by the South African Civil Aviation Authority in 2018. Professional provide a comprehensive range of aviation security, dangerous goods and general aviation and security training.

Professional offers a suite of eManagement services including Airport Operations, Training Management and eLearning solutions that are available to our clients.

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