Tips For Avoiding The Coronavirus

We urge all our industry colleagues to practice these tips for avoiding the Coronavirus now more than ever while we are facing this global epidemic. #WeSaveLives

Tips for avoiding the coronavirus

With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, or better known as the Coronavirus, it is critically important for everyone to practice good hygiene habits, so we recommend these tips for avoiding the Coronavirus.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus in South Africa,travelling abroad or locally or just from home to work and back, the risk of contracting the virus has become a reality. Here at Professional Aviation Services we understand the risk associated with the industries we are involved in.

As a member of the Aviation industry, you interact with a vast number of people, as well as cargo and luggage. The risk of exposure, especially at international airports, is higher. However, if everyone remains calm, and practices good hygiene, the risk of contracting the virus will remain low.

Below are tips for good hygiene which can aid in avoiding contracting the corona virus and other flu viruses.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
    • For at least 20 seconds all the way up to the elbow.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    • These are the quickest and easiest “ports of entry” into our immune systems.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from others.
    • Maintain approximately 1 meter from persons who are chronically coughing and/ or sneezing.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene.
    • Use your bent elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid live animal markets.
    • These conditions are great breeding grounds for diseases.
  • Take flu like symptoms seriously.
    • Symptoms like fever, coughing, a runny nose or sneezing should demand medical care promptly.

While it is not our intention with these tips to create a sense of panic and chaos, we do aim to create a heightened sense of awareness regarding personal hygiene among our industry colleagues.

It is in times like these that you are the true superheroes who deal with shipments and passengers from all over the world to ensure that the everyday lives of all South Africans continue uninterrupted in a safe, secure and healthy manner.

We thank you for your service

For reliable local and global updates and information visit the World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Institute for Communicable Diseases websites. Contact Professional Aviation Services for Aviation Security training.

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