COVID-19 Directions for the Air Cargo Community

Directions for the Air Cargo Community from the office of the Minister of Transport, 25th March 2020. #wesavelives #aircargo

Directions for the Air Cargo Community from the office of the Minister of Transport, 25th March 2020.

On 25 March 2020, the Honourable Minister of Transport Mr Fikile Mbalula issued directions to combat the spread of COVID-19. These directions place certain responsibilities on us as the air cargo community.

The below outlines pertinent sections along with how compliance will be achieved:

  1. Section 6(1) lists all airports authorised to handle air cargo. Please check the list as not all airports are permitted to allow landing/take-off of International flights.
  2. Section 6 (3) provides that loading and offloading of cargo is permitted at Airports designated as Ports of Entry.
  3. Section 6(3)(2)(a)stipulates that air cargo from medium to high risk countries must be sanitised.
  4. Section 6 (3)(2)(b) requires that sanitisation be applied to air cargo carried by any South African aircraft coming from medium to high risk countries.
  5. Please advise all stations sending cargo to South Africa to sanitise the cargo and send confirmation of this disinfection/sanitisation either on the Consignment Security declaration (as “additional security information”) or on the air way bill itself.
  6. Upon arrival in South Africa, handlers and agents are urged to take all precautions and sanitise cargo. The attached solution is an easy means of making sanitiser. Please be mindful of the nature of the goods being sanitised to avoid damage to the goods.
  7. Section 8 (3) of the directions charges SACAA to keep a register of air cargo manifest, flight information and all personnel boarding an aircraft for purposes of providing a service to that aircraft. Please submit this information on a daily basis to aircargosecurity@caa.co.za

The below document refers to these important directions.

Please use the aircargosecurity@caa.co.za to communicate with the CAA during this time.

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