Movement of Air Cargo

Some confusion exists in the market; what air cargo can be consigned and what cannot be consigned.

Loading platform of air freight to the aircraft

We have received the following clarification from the South African Civil Aviation Authority:

Dear Agents and Consignors,

It has come to our attention that there remains some confusion as to which cargo is permitted to operate. Please kindly be advised that the attached Directions permit the movement of air cargo. This is to clarify that air cargo in its entirety is permitted to fly both into and out of the country using the listed International Airports. 

With kind regards,

Andrew Dhlakama
Manager: Air Cargo Security
AvSec: Dangerous Goods and Cargo Security

Please refer to the Aviation Directives attached for further clarity,

Please feel free to approach the Team at Professional should you need any assistance

Thank you

Author: David Alexander

It is my privilege to lead a team of passionate and highly competent, professional, aviation security compliance and training specialists who provide advice, training and practical assistance to the aviation industry with a focus on playing a key role in keeping aviation safe and secure for all. As a team this is what we are passionate about. This is how we make a difference to the world we live and work in. Training and education is at the heart of security and safety and this is my passion. We invest time and resources in the custom design of eLearning experiences to enhance the training and growth of all in the aviation security and safety fields. I explore methods, procedures and systems to combine people with technology to achieve the best personal growth for people and enhanced aviation security by engaging people in playing an active, daily role in aviation security. Professional provides advice in the design of aviation security and training systems for all security requirements in aviation with an ongoing passion for air cargo security

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