Workplace Ready Plans for COVID-19 Stage 4

Professional Aviation Services specialises in compliance and regulatory audits, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals have put effective tools in place, to allow us to provide sufficient support to customers in terms of COVID-19 WORKPLACE READY PLANS.

The government has allowed for COVID-19 WORKPLACE READY PLANS to be submitted with the promulgation of the revised Disaster Management Act on the 29th of April 2020. Naturally, this brings optimism and excitement for business and industry since operations may continue.

The revised regulations recommend that employees still work from home as far as practicably possible however, provisions are made for organisations that meet certain criteria to return to work.

Under Alert Level 4, a comprehensive list of industries and activities that are now permitted to continue operations, on the condition that they meet the minimum requirements, have been made available. The requirements in the regulations are stringent and require firm control measures for companies to comply with.


A critical aspect of the provisions for organisations to return to work is that the company must have an approved COVID-19 Workplace Ready Plan that.  According to the Disaster Management Act, it is required that each organisation appoints a compliance officer that will oversee the implementation of the plan and adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the workplace.

While the requirements for small businesses are not as complicated as those set out for Medium and Large enterprises, non-conformance or complete failure to have the necessary documentation, procedures, activities, and authorisations could result in devastating implications for the organisation.

Contact Professional Aviation Services today to ensure your operations can continue promptly with maximum operational capacity being optimised with the submission of a Professional COVID-19 WORKPLACE READY PLAN.



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