Covid-19 and Training


by JJ Cilliers, Training Manager

At Professional Aviation Services, we take the Health & Safety of all our staff, learners and visitors very serious, and prior to opening our classroom-based training, implemented all the necessary COVID-19 protocols as per required regulations. 

  1. Completed risk analysis of our facility. 
  1. Sanitised our facility, and doing preventative sanitising every Friday. 
  1. Completed and implemented a ‘back to work plan’ 
  1. All above documentation together with a Covid-19 ready checklist was sent to the SACAA. 
  1. All our staff were issued with the necessary PPE 
  1. All staff received Covid-19 awareness training 
  1. Implemented a full screening process at our reception area, temperature of all staff, learners and visitors are checked and recorded upon entering and leaving our facility. 
  1. We follow a strict rule, ‘no mask no entry “ 
  1. Our classrooms are sanitised before and again after every class. 
  1. Each class has hand sanitisers available, and learners must sanitise when entering and leaving the classrooms. 
  1. During classes, strict social distancing is observed by our instructors and learners, we only allow 1 learner per desk, this ensures a distance of 2 meters between learners. 
  1.  Our breakaway area is sanitised before and after use. 
  1. No meals are served during the pandemic, and learners are required to bring their own stationary i.e. pens and writing pad, these items are not supplied, and no sharing allowed. Professional will provide the necessary course books.   
  1. All equipment used during any training intervention, is sanitised before and after use. 

In short, Professional Aviation Services, is ready to welcome all our learners back to our facility, but NEVER letting our guard down, or relaxing when it comes to the health & safety of our staff, learners and visitors. 


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