Undeclared, misdeclared or hidden Dangerous Goods are a catastrophe waiting to happen.

They put lives, equipment, and property at unnecessary risk. There has recently been a spate of incidents caused by undeclared, misdeclared or hidden Dangerous Goods which have caused a great deal of concern. These are clear and present risks.

Undeclared, misdeclared or hidden Dangerous Goods are difficult to detect once in the system.

Fortunately, in South Africa, we have a strong Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) determined to work with the industry to combat this scourge. The SACAA is uncompromising about compliance and firm about recording any breaches, yet at the same time it offers encouragement and provides guidance to industry. It works on a partnership basis, not master and servant and has a highly positive impact on the security of our business.

Misdeclarations may occur accidentally because of ignorance or confusion regarding the regulations. This clearly indicates the need for education and training, more intensively or more frequently.

Less commonly, there may be an irresponsible attempt to circumvent Dangerous Goods regulations, procedures, and costs.  Such unethical activity puts lives and property at risk and has no place in a responsible operation or in the air cargo industry.

Every one of our people must be alert, aware of the rules and authorised to call out any behaviour inconsistent with security and safety standards.

What about hidden Dangerous Goods? Paints, aerosols containing various products, glues, and adhesives, bleaching powders, cleaners – many common household items contain Dangerous Goods. The public may be unaware of this when handing them over for transport and it is the responsibility of our people to recognise and neutralise such unintended exposure at every stage of the express supply chain.

For the last several years the SACAA, and industry have been laying great stress on the need to put watertight measures in place to deal with hidden, misdeclared and undeclared Dangerous Goods. All of us must take seriously this danger presented by Dangerous Goods by remaining alert to the risks and up to date in our knowledge and procedures for mitigating them.

A version of this article was previously published in the South African Express Parcels Association newsletter.

Aviation cyber incidents: Experiences from the front line

Until you’ve experienced a cyber attack, you have little concept of how devastating it can be.

So make a diary note for 25 March at 16H00. The event is timed to avoid interference with the work day and attendance is free. The goal is to help you understand your organisation’s risk profile, your exposure and how to manage an incident.

The session will be run by Jayan Perera, Director Cyber Response EMEA and Will Brown, Director and Cyber lead for MENA of Control Risks

It will last approximately 45 minutes with an opportunity for Q&A at the end and will broken into 4 areas

1. What we are seeing!

Control Risks will share an overview and insights in the current trends in cyber attacks

2. How it feels to fall victim to an attack

What does an organisation go through when its security has been breached or it falls victim to malware, including the first indications of a breach and an introduction to first actions.

3. How to respond

First actions – do’s and don’ts. This will include how professional services providers will respond and how they can help. How to ensure your technical response and overarching crisis management capability are aligned

4. Assessing your organisation’s current exposure

Introduction to the Control Risks Threat and Vulnerability assessment, how it works and how it can help your organisation.

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COVID-19 Products and Services To Support Companies

Professional Aviation Services offers a variety of products & services to support businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic as the economy prepares to reopen.

Professional Aviation Services is offering a range of products and services during the COVID-19 Pandemic to assist your business.



  • Risk Assessments
  • COVID-19 Compliance Audits
  • Drafting of OHS Policies
  • Drafting of COVID-19 Policies
  • Training Staff for COVID-19 Compliance



  • Defogger Machine
  • Various Handheld Thermometers
  • HS Thermo Detet
  • Red Rhino Knapack Sprayer
  • Smartphone Screening Solution
  • Face Shield Mask

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Movement of Air Cargo

Some confusion exists in the market; what air cargo can be consigned and what cannot be consigned.

Loading platform of air freight to the aircraft

We have received the following clarification from the South African Civil Aviation Authority:

Dear Agents and Consignors,

It has come to our attention that there remains some confusion as to which cargo is permitted to operate. Please kindly be advised that the attached Directions permit the movement of air cargo. This is to clarify that air cargo in its entirety is permitted to fly both into and out of the country using the listed International Airports. 

With kind regards,

Andrew Dhlakama
Manager: Air Cargo Security
AvSec: Dangerous Goods and Cargo Security

Please refer to the Aviation Directives attached for further clarity,

Please feel free to approach the Team at Professional should you need any assistance

Thank you

Do you have questions about the transport of Lithium Batteries, Dangerous Goods and Cargo?

The International Air Transport Association is holding two interactive workshops which will include guest speakers from across the supply chain, including a representative from the SACAA. Come and learn about the essentials of shipping dangerous goods and lithium batteries by air. 

The International Air Transport Association is holding two interactive workshops which will include guest speakers from across the supply chain, including a representative from the SACAA. Come and learn about the essentials of shipping dangerous goods and lithium batteries by air.

iata logo

The Workshop targets all stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. It is of particular importance to training institutions, courier companies, shippers, freight forwarders, ground handlers and airlines in the industry.

Dates and Locations

Johannesburg –  17 & 18 February 2020, Emperor’s Palace

  • * 17 February – Lithium Battery and Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • 18 February – Cargo Standards Workshop
You can choose to attend both days or one day only, depending on your interests.
Time: 09h00 to 17h00
Cape Town – 19 February 2020, Hotel Verdé

Time: 09h00 to 17h00

Workshops hosted and sponsored by

Key highlights

  1. Provide an overview of the current regulatory framework and changes related to lithium battery and DGR handling in 2020 and beyond.
  2. How these regulations align to the ICAO Technical Instructions, and an update on the new ICAO competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) approach.
  3. Regulatory compliance of the different entities in the supply chain giving you the opportunity to learn exactly what steps you need to take to keep the supply chain safe.
  4. Opportunities to interact with the speakers and industry members.
  5. An overview of the IATA cargo handling manual (ICHM); Cargo handling manual implementation guidelines. (Johannesburg only)
  6. Air cargo recommended SLA; Smart facility program; ULD Operations. (Johannesburg only)

Participants will receive a free electronic (windows or mobile) copy of the DGR 60th 2019 edition. (valued at USD 328) 

Workshop Cost 

Johannesburg –  USD 100 for the first day (Lithium Battery & DGR Workshops) and get a copy of the 61st edition of the DGR manual worth USD 328 for free. As an option, get the electronic lithium battery shipping guideline (eLBSG) for an additional cost of USD 50.

USD 50 for the second day (Cargo Standards Workshop) and get a free copy of ICHM worth USD125.

Register for the Johannesburg Workshop

To make payments or for any payment related queries, please reach out to sonet@professional.aero ; Tel : +27 76 770 9191

Cape Town –  USD 100 and get a copy of the 61st edition of the DGR manual worth USD 328 for free.

As an option, get the electronic lithium battery shipping guideline (eLBSG) for an additional cost of USD 50.

Register for the Cape Town Workshop

Airport services from Professional

Professional Aviation Services are specialists in all aspects of Aviation Security, Airport Compliance and Training. With a 40-year history in Aviation and specialising in providing unique solutions that solve your challenges, Professional Aviation Services is ideally placed to service and assist you in finding solutions for your various needs.

We are passionate about keeping Aviation safe and secure, for, ultimately, it is all about protecting people. From the personnel who are involved in the Aviation Industry, the people who fly as crew and passengers to the public who could be affected by an aviation incident.

We are the leading provider of AVSEC and related compliance solutions. Our services include air cargo compliance and screening services (cargo and airport) to the air freight and air carrier industry in South Africa.

We have a depth of expertise and experience in cargo security, and compliance with Part 108 of the Civil Aviation Regulations that is unmatched, Professional are pioneers of contracted compliance and Designated Official services in South Africa.

Professional Aviation Services are the Winners in the Aviation Training category of the inaugural Civil Aviation Industry Awards presented by the South African Civil Aviation Authority in 2018. Professional provide a comprehensive range of aviation security, dangerous goods and general aviation and security training.

Professional offers a suite of eManagement services including Airport Operations, Training Management and eLearning solutions that are available to our clients.