CBTA (Competency Based Training and Assessment) and changes to the DG regulations


Competency Based Training and Assessment is with us for all Dangerous Goods by Air training effective 1st January 2022 with the introduction of the 63rd Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. 

This presentation from the SACAA provides details: 

Dangerous Goods Training and CBTA 

This change in approach is excellent news for industry as it allows us to train our people in what they need to know about Dangerous Goods to do their job properly and keep us all safe in the air. It also avoids training people on things that they will never ever use. 

A lot of preparation and education, preparing new training programs for submission to the SACAA for approval and getting us all used to a new way of working, the good news is that the highly experienced team from Professional is here to assist, every step of the way!